Bible Centred Ministries International is a global non-denominational ministry dedicated to reaching children and developing churches worldwide. We are committed to making disciples of all age groups for the Lord Jesus Christ through evangelism, church planting, discipleship, leadership training and Bible curriculum. Children’s ministries such as Bible clubs and camps are central to all BCM fields.

BCM was started thanks to the pleading of Philadelphia youth to give them Bible clubs like those Miss Traber had organised in the Philippines. Over the following decades the Bible Club Movement spread around the world, and eventually our name was changed to Bible Centred Ministries to reflect our ever-widening focus.

We now have more than 850 missionaries serving in over 60 countries across five continents as well as Pacific and Caribbean islands.

The “4-14 Window” is defined as that window of opportunity between the ages of four to fourteen when more than 85% of Christians make their decision to follow Christ. We have made this our central focus since the beginning, in order to reach children for Christ and disciple them in God’s Word.

BCM is also focused on partnering with existing churches, and planting new churches where needed, in order to introduce the lost to Christ and nurture new believers. This involves, among other things, training leaders and teachers using our own teaching aids, which are practical and Bible-centred.

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