The Castledaly Manor Committee:

While BCM Ireland own Castledaly Manor, they have entrusted the managing of the facility to the Castledaly Manor Management Committee. Some are full-time workers with BCM, some are volunteers, all are fully dedicated to seeing Castledaly Manor used and developed to the glory of God.

Nathan and Jenna Dancey (Cillian)


Prior to the summer of 2014, there was no-one looking after Castledaly Manor on a full-time basis. In September 2014, Nathan and Jenna Dancey answered God’s call to come and work at Castledaly. Nathan works full-time at Castledaly, while Jenna works as a secondary school teacher in Mullingar.


Without the help of countless volunteers, Castledaly Manor would not be where it is today. Hundreds of people from all over Ireland and abroad have helped here, doing everything from painting to weeding to building to cleaning. We thank God for all the work that you have done and continue to do!