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Castledaly Manor

A huge thank you goes out to all those who helped in any way, for the donations, the prayers and the support, and ultimately all the glory and praise goes to God who has blessed us with this new facility. Get in touch if you would like to enquire about booking Castledaly Manor for your group.

The Perfect Place

Castledaly Manor is an ideal place for your church weekends, retreats, camps, midweek breaks or weekends away. While 100 would be the upper limit for most groups, larger numbers can be facilitated.

The grounds provide peaceful walks as well as space for outdoor games and activities. Athlone and the River Shannon are only 15 minutes away providing shopping, cultural events and a wide range of sporting and leisure facilities.

About the Manor

This recently renovated 18th century Georgian house and accompanying converted stables have now become our new camp and conference cetre right in the heart of Ireland. The centre has 25 bedrooms, 4 reception rooms and large circulation areas and has been in use as a Country House Hotel. BCM Ireland plan to keep the same high standard in its new use.

The main house has 12 very spacious ensuite bedrooms, with many having impressive views of the parkland and formal gardens surrounding the manor. The external bedrooms surrounding the courtyard area are also all ensuite, spacious and bright.

The Manor, in a secluded location close to a small village, is set on mature parklands, which include two walled-in gardens and a millpond.